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Wee D is a Scottish Battler who made his Don't Flop debut in 2010 against Soul

About[edit | edit source]

After appearing in Don't Flops first Scottish venture in 2010 Wee D quickly became one of Scotlands most promising battle rap figures. Well known for his aggressive approach and quirky jokes, he has dominated in a vast range of domestic events from Scotland Stand Up Street Battles, LIVI on the streets, Live and Spitting and most recently BADMOUTH battles.

Battles[edit | edit source]

Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Wee D vs Steve T Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 8 Promo 14/08/13 Battle
Wee D vs Mr Tongue Twister Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 6 3-0 Win 11/04/13 Battle
Wee D vs Jinx Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 5 3-0 Loss 11/11/12 Battle
Wee D vs Profanity Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 4 3-0 Loss 11/08/12 Battle
Wee D vs Wee Rabb Scotland Standup 3-0 Win 08/07/12 Battle
Wee D vs Pamflit Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 3 2-1 Win 02/07/12 Battle
Wee D & Kayce One vs Konchis & Physiks Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 2 2-1 Win 01/02/12 Battle
Wee D vs Reaper Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 1 3-0 Win 28/11/11 Battle
Wee D vs Teknique Scotland Standup Kelingrove Battles 3-0 Win 20/06/11 Battle
Wee D vs Cbas Don't Flop Don't Flop Scotland 2-1 Win 08/05/11 Battle
Wee D vs Chad the Lad Scotland Standup Kelingrove Battles 5-0 Win 08/11/10 Battle
Wee D vs Silvertongue Scotland Standup Bristo Battles 3-1 Loss 17/05/10 Battle
Wee D vs Soul Don't Flop Don't Flop Scotland 5-0 Win 21/04/10 Battle

Records[edit | edit source]

League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Badmouth Battles 7 5/2/0
Don't Flop 3 3/0/0
Scotland Standup 4 3/1/0
LIVI on The Streets 2 2/0/0
Complex Events 1 1/0/0
Alphabetics Launch 1 1/0/0

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