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Wee D


Daniel Quinn




Coatbridge, Scotland

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Wee D is a Scottish Battler who made his Don't Flop debut in 2010 against Soul


After appearing in Don't Flops first Scottish venture in 2010 Wee D quickly became one of Scotlands most promising battle rap figures. Well known for his aggressive approach and quirky jokes, he has dominated in a vast range of domestic events from Scotland Stand Up Street Battles, LIVI on the streets, Live and Spitting and most recently BADMOUTH battles.


Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Wee D vs Steve T Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 8 Promo 14/08/13 Battle
Wee D vs Mr Tongue Twister Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 6 3-0 Win 11/04/13 Battle
Wee D vs Jinx Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 5 3-0 Loss 11/11/12 Battle
Wee D vs Profanity Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 4 3-0 Loss 11/08/12 Battle
Wee D vs Wee Rabb Scotland Standup 3-0 Win 08/07/12 Battle
Wee D vs Pamflit Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 3 2-1 Win 02/07/12 Battle
Wee D & Kayce One vs Konchis & Physiks Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 2 2-1 Win 01/02/12 Battle
Wee D vs Reaper Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 1 3-0 Win 28/11/11 Battle
Wee D vs Teknique Scotland Standup Kelingrove Battles 3-0 Win 20/06/11 Battle
Wee D vs Cbas Don't Flop Don't Flop Scotland 2-1 Win 08/05/11 Battle
Wee D vs Chad the Lad Scotland Standup Kelingrove Battles 5-0 Win 08/11/10 Battle
Wee D vs Silvertongue Scotland Standup Bristo Battles 3-1 Loss 17/05/10 Battle
Wee D vs Soul Don't Flop Don't Flop Scotland 5-0 Win 21/04/10 Battle


League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Badmouth Battles 7 5/2/0
Don't Flop 3 3/0/0
Scotland Standup 4 3/1/0
LIVI on The Streets 2 2/0/0
Complex Events 1 1/0/0
Alphabetics Launch 1 1/0/0

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