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Tommie Villis



Date of Birth

June 14, 1992



Home League

Don't Flop




Record (W/L/P)



2012 Most Improved Battler

Unanymous is a Don't Flop Battler who debuted in 2009 against Odie.


Despite starting on a 3 match losing streak, Unan has grown into one of the most respected battlers in the league and is talked about as a serious title contender. He has battled many of the big names in Don't Flop such as Innuendo, Shotty Horroh and Arkaic as well as Internationals including Dizaster, Charron and DNA

In the second of his title defenses against Chris Leese, Tony D suggested that the fans really wanted him to battle Unan, thus adding credibility to his future chances at getting a title match.

Unan is famed for his hard hitting, smash mouth brand of offensive punchlines that never fail to provoke a huge crowd reaction. He is often critiqued for having "too much filler" in his rounds, he defends this saying he likes to display his skill and penmanship in battles.


Unan has a reputation as one of the nicest guys in Don't Flop, but this does not mean he doesn't have his fair share of controversies.

Whilst studying music production at dBS Plymouth in 2019, Unan went back to an unconscious female friends house and sexually assaulted her whilst she was blacked out in her own bed. It is unknown whether the girls drink was spiked, but she had never blacked out before even when heavily drinking. This woman had to take the morning after pill and was diagnosed with PTSD after the incident. Unan then gaslit this woman in the morning, first pretending that it didn't happen and then changing his story to saying that he had slept with many girls and not remembered it. That this was normal.

He then strongly suggested the woman didn't tell anyone, saying that it would ruin her life and her relationship if her partner 'found out she had cheated'. He told multiple people in the dBS common room that he had 'never used a condom in his life' whilst laughing about the fact that he had had sex with this woman. He later broke into the woman in questions house whilst under the influence of cocaine, breaking her front door lock before the police arrived, and has also attempted this on at least one other woman who luckily had a stronger front door. When the woman told him she was considering reporting everything that had happened to the police, he said 'theyll know youre just a little girl playing games' alongside other silencing tactics.

In 2012, tensions mounted when Unan began to mention Shotty Horroh's dead uncle. Shotty threatened to 'bang him out' and Unan swiftly withdrew. Things were obviously forgiven as Unan remains part of Shotty's Mosh Team

In 2013, Unan had been publicly calling Villun out for a while to no avail. During his battle against Charron at Verdict, Unan switched focus to Villun who was watching from the stage, calling him out again. The battle was held at Summer Standard and Unan suffered what is widely considered as a bodybag, losing the clash 7-0 after choking his third round and not doing enough research on Villun as he was using jokes reffering to Villun's skin condition, which is widely considered a result of Villun's previous second round which targeted Unan's mother's drug addiction.

In 2014, he made a shot at Tony D using the classic Shotty Horroh line stating that he was a pussy in not turning up.



Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Unanymous vs Gemini Don't Flop Checkpoint 2 Promo 27/06/15 Battle
Unanymous vs Tony D (Title Match) Don't Flop Birthday Six Point Five 7-0 Loss 28/02/15 Battle
Unanymous vs Soul Don't Flop 6th Birthday Promo 07/01/15 Battle
Unanymous vs Cracker (4 bars back-to-back) Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Southampton Promo 14/04/14 Battle
Unanymous vs Dialect Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Nottingham Promo 26/04/14 Battle
Unanymous vs Olde English Don't Flop Raise the Bar: London Warm-Up Promo 15/03/14 Battle
Unanymous vs Chris Leese Don't Flop Set the Standard 10 Promo 08/02/14 Battle
Unanymous vs Dizaster Don't Flop 5th Birthday Promo 14/12/13 Battle
Unanymous vs Villun Don't Flop Summer Standard 7-0 Loss 19/08/13 Battle
Unanymous vs YouthOracle Don't Flop Plymouth 4-1 Win 08/07/13 Battle
Unanymous vs Charron Don't Flop Verdict Promo 29/06/13 Battle
Unanymous & Chris Leese vs DNA & Charlie Clips Don't Flop Check Point Promo 08/06/13 Battle
Unanymous vs Soul Get Slated Get Slated 6 Promo 07/05/13 Battle
Unanymous & Chris Leese vs Bamalam & Cystic Don't Flop Set the Standard 6 4-3 Loss 30/03/13 Battle
Unanymous & Chris Leese vs Two-Can & Callum Boom Don't Flop Distinction 5-0 Win 23/02/13 Battle
Unanymous vs Arkaic Don't Flop Set the Standard 2 3-2 Win 09/01/13 Battle
Unanymous vs Zen Don't Flop Boom Bap Promo 12/10/12 Battle
Unanymous vs HFK KOTD World Domination 3 3-1 Win 02/10/12 Battle
Unanymous vs Shotty Horroh Don't Flop Set the Standard 4-1 Loss 06/07/12 Battle
Unanymous vs Jefferson Price Don't Flop South West 3-0 Win 09/06/12 Battle
Unanymous vs Pedro Don't Flop Blam! 2-1 Win 27/04/12 Battle
Unanymous & TC vs Pamflit & Reskabar Don't Flop Midsummer Murders 2 Win Crowd Judging 18/03/12 Battle
Unanymous vs Shazaam Don't Flop Blood in the Water 5 5-0 Loss 05/01/12 Battle
Unanymous vs Joker Starr Don't Flop To the Test 8 5-0 Win 28/10/11 Battle
Unanymous & Soul vs Stowaway & Pamflit Don't Flop Midsummer Murders 2 4-1 Win 09/09/11 Battle
Unanymous vs Briggzy Don't Flop North v South vol 2 Win 15/07/11 Battle
Unanymous vs Einstein Don't Flop Blood in the Water 4 3-0 Win 16/03/11 Battle
Unanymous vs Lyricist Don't Flop To the Test 2 3-0 Loss 24/02/11 Battle
Unanymous vs Innuendo Don't Flop 2nd Birthday 5-0 Win 05/12/10 Battle
Unanymous & Mista Switch vs Adam The Rapper & Innuendo Don't Flop South West Promo 17/06/10 Battle
Unanymous vs Amos Don't Flop North 5-0 Loss 12/04/10 Battle
Unanymous vs Psychosis Holochaust Don't Flop Brighton 3-2 OT Loss 24/12/09 Battle
Unanymous vs Odie Don't Flop South West 3-2 OT Loss 22/10/09 Battle


League Battles Record (W/L/P)
Don't Flop 31 11/9/11
Get Slated 1 0/0/1
King of the Dot 1 1/0/0


"I'm a monstrosity, ugh, you know the policy."