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Two-Can is a battler who joined Don't Flop in 2012, debuting against Ro.P Row

About[edit | edit source]

Two-Can battles in Don't Flop, Barmaggedon and REDJSD. He is known as the first publicly gay rapper, although he actually said he was bi-sexual, rather than gay.

Battles[edit | edit source]

Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Two-Can vs Big J Don't Flop Summer Standard 5-0 Loss 21/08/13 Battle
Two-Can & Callum Boom vs Unanymous & Chris Leese Don't Flop Distinction 5-0 Loss 23/02/13 Battle
Two-Can vs Seano Mac Barmaggedon Battles Christmas Party 2-1 Win 30/12/12 Battle
Two-Can & Bard vs Baron Mynd & Unseen Barmaggedon Battles Christmas Party Promo 20/12/12 Battle
Two-Can vs Reskabar REDJSD Total Mayhem 3-0 Loss 05/11/12 Battle
Two-Can vs Cracker Barmagedon Battles Battling Demons 3-0 Loss 30/10/12 Battle
Two-Can vs Fexious REDJSD Total Mayhem 3-0 Win 03/10/12 Battle
Two-Can vs Rapunsell Barmaggedon Battles Battling Demons 3-0 Loss 23/09/12 Battle
Two-Can & Mos Prob vs Carloss & Villun Don't Flop 2-1 Loss 26/08/12 Battle
Two-Can vs Sordid QC Barmaggedon Battles Barmaggedon 3-0 Win 26/07/12 Battle
Two-Can vs Dekay Don't Flop April Fools 2012 3-0 Loss 01/06/12 Battle
Two-Can vs Traks REDJSD Indoors Event 3-0 Win 23/05/12 Battle
Two-Can vs Mos Prob Don't Flop Don't Flop East 3-0 Loss 09/05/12 Battle
Two-Can vs Crisis REDJSD Street Meet 3-0 Loss 30/03/12 Battle
Two-Can & Callum Boom vs Bamalam & Pedro Demo Battles Tryouts Promo 29/03/12 Battle
Two-Can vs Ro.P.Row Don't Flop Tryouts 2-1 Win 24/02/12 Battle
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