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12/1/5 (1 Draw)

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Don't Flop Champion


2012 Battle of the Year

Tony D is a UK Hip Hop Artist and former Don't Flop Champion who has also battled overseas on Canadian battle league King Of The Dot.


Tony D is considered a veteran in both the British rap battling scene and the UK underground hip-hop scene. He was a founding member of the group Poisonous Poets. The group also consisted of Lowkey, Doc Brown, Reveal, Stylah, Therapist and DJ Snips. He started his written battling career in April 2011 against Micky Worthless however, he is known to have a background in freestyle battling. Tony D started to gain a lot of recognition as a battler after beating Adam The Rapper, Suus, Illmaculate and Arkaic. After this he was given the title shot against Don't Flops first ever Champion, Oshea in a battle that is widely considered one of the best in Don't Flop history. He went on to succesfully defend his title against Deffinition in February 2013 and Chris Leese in November 2013, becoming the first battler in the world to succesfully defend a championship title twice. In this time he also battled overseas on King Of The Dot where he lost to Real Deal in one of his worse showings and Charlie Clips in a promo battle at Checkpoint. After successfully defending his title for a third time against Don't Flop battler Unanymous in a 7-0 decision, he conceded the title stating that he didn't want to focus so heavily on battling anymore. 


Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Tony D vs Raptor Don't Flop Sunburn 2 3-2 Win 03/10/15 Battle
Tony D vs Pedro King of the Ronalds Draw Crowd Judging 02/03/15 Battle
Tony D vs Unanymous (Title Match) Don't Flop Birthday Six Point Five 7-0 Win 28/02/15 Battle
Tony D vs Shotty Horroh Don't Flop MCR vs LDN Promo 08/11/14 Battle
Tony D vs Youthoracle Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Notthingham Promo 17/05/14 Battle
Tony D vs Locksmyth (Tottenham vs Arsenal Concept Match) Don't Flop Promo 13/03/14 Battle
Tony D vs Chris Leese (Title Match) Don't Flop 5th Birthday Win 16/11/13 Battle
Tony D vs Charlie Clips Don't Flop Check Point Promo 25/05/13 Battle
Tony D vs Real Deal KOTD Vengeance 2 Promo 07/05/13 Battle
Tony D vs Deffinition (Title Match) Don't Flop Distinction Win 16/02/13 Battle
Tony D vs Oshea (Title Match) Don't Flop 4th Birthday Win 07/11/12 Battle
Tony D & Locksmyth vs Verb T & Joker Starr Don't Flop BoozeTown Beach Bash Promo 31/08/12 Battle
Tony D vs Arkaic Don't Flop Summer Blam Win 22/08/12 Battle
Tony D vs Illmaculate Don't Flop Set the Standard Win 02/07/12 Battle
Tony D vs Adam The Rapper Don't Flop April Fools 2012 Win 30/04/12 Battle
Tony D vs Suus Don't Flop To the Test Ten Win 05/04/12 Battle
Tony D vs IM (Times Changed Semi Final) Don't Flop TimesChange Loss 19/10/11 Battle
Tony D vs Token (Times Changed Quarter Final) Don't Flop TimesChange Win 07/09/11 Battle
Tony D vs Truth Cold City Promo 04/09/11 Battle
Tony D vs Eyez Don't Flop Midsummer Murders 2 Win 02/09/11 Battle
Tony D vs Mixy (Times Changed 1st Round) Don't Flop TimesChange Win 30/07/11 Battle
Tony D vs Micky Worthless Don't Flop April Fools 2011 Win 08/05/11 Battle


League Battles Record W/L/P
Cold City Battles 1 0/0/1
Don't Flop 16 12/1/3
King of the Dot 1 0/0/1
King of the Ronalds 1 0/0/0 (1 Draw)

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