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The Saurus (Peter Morris) is a battle rapper and rap artist originally from Monterey, California now lives in Los Angeles, California.


Born in Greece but raised in California, The Saurus started battling in 2001. Competing in local events for years, he built a reputation by pressure packing multisyllabic rhymes and witty comparisons into his bars, a distinctive style attempted by many but achieved by few. In 2005 he broke through, making it all the way to the final four at Scribble Jam before falling to the eventual champion, Justice from Australia. The battle, considered one of the greatest in Scribble's illustrious history, coincided with the rise of the YouTube and the internet-based era of battling, an era The Saurus would help to define. Going back to Scribble the next year, Saurus became the first champion in it's 11 year history to hail from California. Shortly after he teamed up with Illmaculate for JumpOff TV's World Rap Championships. Their dominant performance, going undefeated in the New York division before besting the UK team of Possessed and Wha'sisface in the finals, launched the pair into global recognition. All the while The Saurus maintained a 9 month winning streak at Oakland's Tourettes Without Regrets tournament, running through dozens of the Bay's best MCs.

The next two years would prove just how ubiquitous The Saurus had become in the battling world. Going back to the WRC's in 2007, he and Illmac found every MC gunning for their spot and coming well prepared with bars custom made for the pair. Scribble Jam in 2008 would be no different; the notoriety Saurus had earned off of his YouTube footage left impressions on battlers to no end. He and Illmac repeated their victory as WRC champs, and Saurus ran through the Scribble competition, joining ADeeM as the competition's only two-time winners.

As he joined the GrindTime league he became one of the most unbeatable rappers on the circuit, he was considered a top tier battler and paved the way for battlers like Dizaster (who actually ended up beating him). Like most GrindTime rappers began to transition to and other leagues like King of the Dot. During a battle versus Hollohan in 2010, Hollohan gambled his title position despite it not being a title matchup. This worked in Saurus' favor as he won the battle and thus became the first American to hold the KOTD chain. He now battles all over the globe, and continuing his legacy as a battle rap legend. He now has his own clothing company called "Legendary Clothing", and has an album out.