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Stowaway is a UK Battler who debuted for Don't Flop in 2010 against Big Cuz

About[edit | edit source]

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Battles[edit | edit source]

Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Stowaway vs Harry Baker Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Bristol 5-0 Win 31/03/14 Battle
Stowaway vs Big J Don't Flop Plymouth 3-0 Win 24/07/13 Battle
Stowaway vs Pamflit Epic Bars Next Level Promo 05/02/13 Battle
Stowaway vs Mos Prob Don't Flop Underbelly Promo 26/09/12 Battle
Stowaway vs Micky Worthless Don't Flop South West 3-0 Win 04/07/12 Battle
Stowaway vs Unique Epic Bars 5-0 Win 26/06/12 Battle
Stowaway & Pamflit vs Real Deal & Fresco Don't Flop Blood in the Water 5 5-0 Loss 07/01/12 Battle
Stowaway vs Odie Epic Bars City Battles 2-1 Loss 18/12/11 Battle
Stowaway vs Soweto Kinch Don't Flop Don't Flop Tryouts 3-0 Loss 07/10/11 Battle
Stowaway & Pamflit vs UnanymousSoul Don't Flop Midsummer Murders 2 4-1 Loss 09/09/11 Battle
Stowaway vs Soul Don't Flop To the Test 5 3-0 Loss 16/06/11 Battle
Stowaway vs Wizard Don't Flop [[Brighton[[ 4-1 Win 13/05/11 Battle
Stowaway vs Henry Bowers Don't Flop Blood in the Water 4 4-1 Loss 12/04/11 Battle
Stowaway vs Evila Got Beef? Live in the Liver 3-0 Win 09/03/11 Battle
Stowaway & Pamflit vs Oshea & Evileyz Got Beef? Live in the Liver 3-0 Loss 21/01/11 Battle
Stowaway vs Skrribbz Don't Flop Blood in the Water 3 5- Win 20/01/11 Battle
Stowaway vs Pendragon Don't Flop Don't Flop Brighton 5- Win 28/09/10 Battle
Stowaway vs Big Cuz Don't Flop Don't Flop South West 5-0 Win 21/06/10 Battle

Records[edit | edit source]

League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Don't Flop 13 7/5/1
Epic Bars 3 1/1/1
Got Beef? 2 1/1/0

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