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Sprungy is a veteran UK battler who debuted in Don't Flop against Pseudonym in 2009

About[edit | edit source]

Self-labelled as 'Drunk Sprungy', Paul Sprung has been repping the UK battle scene since 2009. He is know for his freestyles and being drunk during his battles. His style is definitely one of 'jokes over bars' and he is well loved in Australia, where he has performed many times.

Battles[edit | edit source]

Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Sprungy vs G Double E Wavy Rap Battles Promo 19/06/13 Battle
Sprungy vs Prince Kong Rap Battle Championship 3-0 Win 10/05/13 Battle
Sprungy vs Gambit Mugraw Epic Bars 5-0 Loss 16/04/13 Battle
Sprungy vs Unique Epic Bars Back to the Streets Promo 14/02/13 Battle
Sprungy & Tenchoo vs Oshea & Bowski Barmageddon Rap Battles Christmas Party Promo 02/01/13 Battle
Sprungy, Innuendo & Chronicle vs Pamflit, Jeffers & Raptor Rapped in Wire Freestyle 3 on 3 Promo 22/12/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Pamflit Barmageddon Rap Battles Christmas Party 3-0 Win 19/12/12 Battle
Sprungy vs INC Get Slated Rap Battles Get Slated 4 3-0 Win 06/12/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Pete Cashmore Barmageddon Rap Battles 3-0 Loss 24/11/12 Battle
Sprungy & Pamflit vs Suus & Einstein Get Slated Rap Battles Get Slated 4 Promo 19/11/12 Battle
Sprungy & Innuendo vs Louie & Physiks Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 5 Loss 14/11/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Bombshell Charity Battle Battling Demons 2 Loss 01/11/2 Battle


Sprungy & Oshea vs Bowski & Hydef Rapped In Wire Behind the Bars 2 Promo 26/10/12 Battle
Sprungy & Oshea vs Mos Prob & Prince Kong Barmageddon Rap Battles Battling Demons 2-1 Win 14/10/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Jeffers Rapped In Wire Behind Bars 2 2-1 Win 07/09/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Adamzy Get Slated Rap Battles Bank Holiday Event Promo 06/09/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Eager Got Beef? Throwback Battle Win 18/08/12 Batte
Sprungy vs Smila Spitroast Battles Dun a Man Season Promo 12/08/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Seanie Boi Barmageddon Rap Battles Barmageddon 3 4-0 Loss 27/07/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Innuendo Rapped In Wire Freestyle Tournament Crowd Loss 20/07/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Wizi Spitroast Battles Promo 16/05/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Jigster Epic Bars 4-0 Loss 17/04/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Siyo Da' Fighting Irish 3-0 Win 16/04/12 Battle
Sprungy & Lethal vs Red & Intelekt Perth City Battles Perth City Battles 13 Promo 28/02/12 Battle
Sprungy & Decoy vs Manaz & Doddy Got Beef? War of the Worlds 3 Promo 13/02/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Bambino Spitroast Battles Roastin Sessions Promo 05/02/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Noyes Got Beef? War of the Worlds 3 2-1 Win 02/02/12 Battle
Sprungy & Decoy vs Shazaam & Nils m/ Skils Got Beef? War of the Worlds 3 4-1 Loss 27/01/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Lethal Perth City Battles Perth City Battles 13 3-0 Loss 11/01/12 Battle
Sprungy vs Elz The Battle Lab 3-0 Win 18/08/11 Battle
Sprungy vs Jaye Guevara Don't Flop To the Test 4 3-0 Win 20/06/11 Battle
Sprungy vs Gupsie Don't Flop Don't Flop Scotland 3-0 Loss 12/05/11 Battle
Sprungy vs Greeley Got Beef? Promo 04/05/11 Battle
Sprungy & Decoy vs Innuendo & Oshea Got Beef? Live in the Liver Promo 28/03/11 Battle
Sprungy vs Skeamo GrindTime Now Australia Below Surface Promo 09/03/11 Battle
Sprungy vs Chronicle Got Beef? Live in the Liver Loss 09/03/11 Battle
Sprungy vs Dribbles Got Beef? GB5 3-0 Loss 01/03/11 Battle
Sprungy vs H-Bomb Got Beef? Live in the Liver 3-0 Loss 17/01/11 Battle
Sprungy & Decoy vs Cryptic & Blue Got Beef? Topical Battle - TV & Film 3-0 Loss 14/01/11 Battle
Sprungy vs Jay Legend Got Beef? On the Rise 3-0 OT Loss 12/01/11 Battle
Sprungy & Decoy vs Vampts & Remz Got Beef? On the Rise 3-0 Loss 12/01/11 Battle
Sprungy vs Chase Got Beef? GB2 5-0 Loss 16/09/10 Battle
Sprungy & Decoy vs Cryptic & Blue Got Beef? GB2 Promo 03/08/10 Battle
Sprungy vs Savij Tung Got Beef? From the Ground Up 3-0 Win 23/06/10 Battle
Sprungy vs Oshea The Art of Freestyle Promo 05/01/10 Battle
Sprungy vs Einstein Don't Flop Don't Flop North 3-0 Loss 15/06/09 Battle
Sprungy vs Pseudonym Don't Flop Don't Flop North Loss 15/01/09 Battle

Records[edit | edit source]

League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Badmouth Battles 1 0/1/0
Barmageddon Rap Battles 5 2/2/1
Charity Battle 1 0/1/0
Da' Fighting Irish 1 1/0/0
Don't Flop 4 1/3/0
Epic Bars 3 0/2/1
Get Slated Rap Battles 3 1/0/2
Got Beef? 15 3/8/4
GrindTime Now Australia 1 0/0/1
Perth City Battles 2 0/1/1
Rap Battle Championship 1 1/0/0
Rapped In Wire 4 1/1/2
Spitroast Battles 3 0/0/3
The Art of Freestyle 1 0/0/1
The Battle Lab 1 1/0/0
Wavy Rap Battles 1 0/0/1

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