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Jack Rowley




Hastings, East Sussex

Home League

Don't Flop




Record (W/L/P)

3/6/6 (1 Draw)

Scizzahz is one of Don't Flop's original battlers who has been battling since the league's formation.


A true veteran of the Don't Flop league having battled since 2008, debuting alongside genius squad member Enlish against Eurgh and Cruger in a Brighton park. 

Since then Scizzahz has been a regular feature in the league appearing at many of the large events. Scizzahz has battled most major UK battlers including Oshea, SensaTenchoo and Arkaic.

At the Times Change 2011 Tournament South Launch Party, Scizzahz battled his OSB'z partner Wizard, in what became a gun bar spectacular with both parties parodying the URL. Future battles of the pair spawned similar tongue-in-cheek lines in 2 on 2 match ups against the Dead Poets, Mark Grist and Mixy and more pertinently, the URL spitters, DNA and Cortez.

Scizzahz is known for his comedy bars and hilarity in battles, and more recently his parody gun bars. A consistent performer, Scizzahz is one of the few battlers to have had over a dozen match ups and not choked or slipped up. Scizzahz consistency has meant most of his judged battles have resulted in close split decisions after Overtime.  


Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Schizzahz & Wizard vs Marlo & Shuffle-T Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Brighton Promo 14/05/14 Battle
Scizzahz & Wizard vs DNA & Cortez Don't Flop 5th Birthday Promo 01/01/14 Battle
Scizzahz & Wizard vs Mark Grist & Mixy Don't Flop Checkpoint Promo 30/05/13 Battle
Scizzahz vs Jack Flash Don't Flop To The Test 10 3-2 Loss 31/03/12 Battle
Scizzahz vs Wizard Don't Flop Time Change  South Launch Party Promo 18/08/11 Battle
Scizzahz vs Oshea Don't Flop April Fools 2011 3-0 Win 27/05/11 Battle
Scizzahz vs JWalker Don't Flop Blood in the Water 3 3-2 Win 08/01/11 Battle
Scizzahz & Wizard vs Lego & Tenchoo Don't Flop Don't Flop Brighton 4 5-0 OT Loss 12/07/10 Battle
Scizzahz vs Sensa Don't Flop Blood in the Water 2 4-1 OT Loss 28/05/10 Battle
Scizzahz & Wizard vs Gizmo & Prince Kong Don't Flop Don't Flop Brighton 3 4-1 Loss 06/01/10 Battle
Scizzahz vs Lego Don't Flop North vs South Volume One OT Win 14/12/09 Battle
Scizzahz vs Truth Don't Flop Don't Flop Brighton 3 Promo 10/12/09 Battle
Scizzahz vs Arkaic Don't Flop Norwich Promo 21/09/09 Battle
Scizzahz vs Adam The Rapper Don't Flop Don't Flop Brighton 2 3-2 OT Loss 06/08/09 Battle
Scizzahz vs Enlish Don't Flop Don't Flop Brighton 1 2-1 OT Loss 04/05/09 Battle
Scizzahz & Enlish vs Eurgh & Cruger Don't Flop Draw 02/11/08

Part 1

Part 2


League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Don't Flop 16 3/6/6  (1 Draw)


Scizzahz is a member of the OSB'z alongside his regular battle partner Wizard, the two have produced a series of beat volumes entitled 'Lobster Music'. As well as this Scizzahz has also worked on his own solo music.

Scizzahz: I Still Work Harder

Scizzahz: Hollow Talk

Scizzahz & Ceezlin: Oblivion

Lobster Music: Lobster Music Vol. 1

Lobster Music: Lobster Music Vol. 2

Lobster Music: Lobster Music Vol. 3

Lobster Music: Lobster Music Vol. 4

Lobster Music: Cognac & Cohibas

Lobster Music: Cognac & Cohibas 2

Lobster Music: Cognac & Cohibas 3

Lobster Music: Breathe

Lobster Music: Burn

Lobster Music: Bombshell

Lobster Music: Worldwide Pt. 1

Lobster Music: Worldwide Pt. 2

Lobster Music: Wonder

Lobster Music: Awaken

Lobster Music: Sacred

¥EN (ft. Wizard): 3 Kings

¥EN: Vol. 1

¥EN: Tropics

OSB'z: The Human Centipede

OSB'z: Screwface Direct

OSB'z: Class Hay Thugz