Quill Lambert



Date of Birth

30 March 1990



Home League

Don't Flop




Record (W/L/P)


Quill is a UK Battler who made his Don't Flop debut in 2012 against Gibbo.

About[edit | edit source]

Quill has made a good start to his battle career and has already had his first international match at Verdict where he comfortably beat Dirty Harry.

Battles[edit | edit source]

Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Quill vs Soul Don't Flop 8th Birthday Promo 7/1/17 Battle
Quill vs Illipsis King of the Dot World Domination 6 Win 27/10/16 Battle
Quill vs Shawgi Bear Don't Flop Promo 8/8/16 Battle
Quill vs J-Pro King of the Dot Blackout 6ix Win 12/5/16 Battle
Quill vs Charlie Clips Don't Flop 7th Birthday Promo 13/2/16 Battle
Quill & Impact vs Uno Lavoz & J.R. Sandler Don't Flop Don't Flop USA Promo 12/9/15 Battle
Qull vs Rum Nitty Don't Flop Don't Flop USA Win 8/8/15 Battle
Quill vs Harry Baker Don't Flop Video Game Battle Promo 2/8/15 Battle
Quill vs Ogmios Don't Flop Checkpoint 2 Promo 20/6/15 [[1]][1]
Quill vs Purpose Don't Flop 6th Birthday Promo 31/01/15 Battle
Quill vs Raptor Don't Flop Sunburn Promo 30/08/14 Battle
Quill vs LNC Jumpoff The Jumpoff 2014 6-0 Loss 09/07/14 Battle
Quill vs Micky Worthless King of the Ronalds KOTR ep 5 Loss 28/06/14 Battle
Quill vs Suus Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Liverpool 2-1 Win 05/05/14 Battle
Quill vs Zen Don't Flop Set the Standard 10 5-0 Loss 12/02/13 Battle
Quill & Cracker vs Natrill & Mr Tongue Twister Don't Flop Outlook Festival Promo 21/09/13 Battle
Quill vs Dirty Harry Don't Flop Verdict 5-0 Win 20/07/13 Battle
Quill vs Dotz vs Im vs Mr Tongue Twister Don't Flop April Fools 2013 Loss 23/04/13 Battle
Quill vs RBN Don't Flop Set the Standard 5 5-0 Win 15/03/13 Battle
Quill vs NxtGen Don't Flop Kick Off 5-0 Win 11/02/13 Battle
Quill vs Olde English Don't Flop Promo 04/10/12 Battle
Quill vs Gibbo Don't Flop Third Quarter Tryouts 3-0 Win 09/09/12 Battle

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