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Pete Cashmore is a journalist who made his Don't Flop debut against Bentlegs at April Fools 2012


Pete Cashmore was a journalist for the Guardian, the Telegraph and Editor-at-Large for Nuts magazine. Sadly, Pete passed away in 2019. He had publicly spoken about his battle with depression which bought him to Don't Flop. Since his debut he has battled many ties, mostly novelty events and is not seen as a serious contender for the Don't Flop Title!


Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Pete Cashmore vs Bombshell Get Slated Rap Battles Get Slated 8 3-0 Win 17/10/13 Battle
Pete Cashmore vs Jeffers Stand Tall Stand Tall Clash #5 5-0 Loss 03/10/13 Battle
Pete Cashmore vs Mos Prob No Escape Rap Battles 2-1 Loss 03/07/13 Battle
Pete Cashmore vs Hydef Rapped In Wire Behind the Bars 6 3-0 Win 04/02/13 Battle
Pete Cashmore vs Pamflit Barmageddon Rap Battes Santa vs The Queen Promo 27/12/12 Battle
Pete Cashmore vs Broxide Rapped In Wire Behind the Bars 4 2-1 Loss 15/12/12 Battle
Pete Cashmore vs Sprungy Barmageddon Rap Battles 3-0 Win 24/11/12 Battle
Pete Cashmore vs Rikky Riley Rapped in Wire Behind the Bars 2 Promo 20/08/12 Battle
Pete Cashmore vs Average Keith Barmageddon Rap Battes Barmageddon Battles 3 3-0 Win 25/07/12 Battle
Pete Cashmore vs Bentlegs Don't Flop April Fools 2012 2-1 Win 07/05/12 Battle


League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Barmaeddon Rap Battles 3 2/0/1
Don't Flop 1 1/0/0
Get Slated 1 1/0/0
No Escape 1 0/1/0
Rapped in Wire 3 1/1/1
Stand Tall 1 0/1/0

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