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Don't Flop 2on2 Champion 2011 (with Chronicle

Pamflit is a veteran UK Battler who made his Don't Flop debut in 2011 against Hazod.


Pamflit is unquestionably the most flamboyant battler in Don't Flop, if not the world. Know affectionately as 'Pammie' he is one of the hardest working rappers in the league and regularly appears more than once at any event he is invited to. He is known for his quick wit and freestyle abilities and has battled in many leagues, both home and abroad and even in internet battles for King of the Dot Com and Grind Time


Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Pamflit vs Eurgh Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Newcastle Promo 21/05/14 Battle
Pamflit vs Bru-C Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Nottingham Promo 03/05/14 Battle
Pamflit vs Soul No Beef Rap Battles North East 3-0 Win 02/10/13 Battle
Pamflit & Oshea vs Crisis & Suus Get Slated Rap Battles 1st Anniversary Promo 07/08/13 Battle
Pamflit vs Big Jack Get Slated Rap Battles 1st Anniversary 3-0 Win 29/07/13 Battle
Pamflit vs Suus Rap Battle Championship 3-0 Loss 08/04/13 Battle
Pamflit vs Stowaway Epic Bars Next Level Promo 05/02/13 Battle
Pamflit vs Pete Cashmore Barmageddon Rap Battles Santa vs The Queen Promo 27/12/12 Battle
Pamflit, Jeffers &Raptor vs Innuendo, Chronicle & Sprungy Rapped In Wire Freestyle 3 on 3 Promo 22/12/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Sprungy Barmageddon Rap Battles Christmas Party 3-0 Loss 19/12/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Trademark Spitroast Battles Promo 16/12/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Jack Sexton Get Slated Rap Battles Get Slated 4 3-0 Win 28/11/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Evileyz Don't Flop Barmingham 5-0 Loss 26/11/12 Battle
Pamflit & Sprungy vs Suus & Einstein Get Slated Rap Battles 2 on 2 Freestyle Promo 19/11/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Jeffers Rapped In Wire Behind the Bars 4 2-1 Loss 19/11/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Blizzard Don't Flop Summer Blam 4-1 Loss 29/08/12 Battle
Pamflit & Impact vs Ogmios & 3J Don't Flop Win 19/08/12 Battle
Pamflit & Dekay vs Midi Intellect & Cystic Don't Flop Street Battle Promo 07/08/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Bleek Don't Flop Football Bars Battle Promo 06/08/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Deffinition (Batman vs The Joker) Don't Flop Promo 20/07/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Innuendo Jumpoff Season Q/F 5-0 Loss 18/07/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Oshea Don't Flop Blam! Promo 16/07/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Wee D Badmouth Battles Badmouth Battles 3 2-1 Loss 02/07/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Enigma Don't Flop Blam! 3-0 Win 30/06/12 Battle
Pamflit & Impact vs Disciple & Evila Barmageddon Rap Battles Barmageddon Battles 2 3-0 Win 03/06/12 Battle
Pamflit & Baron Mynd vs Oshea & Average Keith Barmageddon Rap Battles 3-0 Win 29/05/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Double L Don't Flop Slaughterhouse Promo 22/05/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Jonny Storm Basementality Battles Freestyle Battle Promo 21/05/12 Battle
Pamflit & Raw Element vs Eurgh & Pieman Don't Flop April Fools 2012 Promo 14/05/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Tay Tay Basementality Battles Major League Loss 11/05/12 Battle
Pamflit vsBowski Don't Flop Don't Flop East 3-0 Win 04/05/12 Battle
Pamflit & Pedro vs Mark Grist & Mixy Don't Flop Don't Flop East Promo 21/04/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Gwame Don't Flop To the Test 10 Promo 16/04/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Redzer Da' Fighting Irish DFI 9 3-0 Loss 08/04/12 Battle
Pamflit & Big J vs Aukes & Rogue Redjsd Street Meet Promo 04/04/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Innuendo Jumpoff Jumpoff 2012 6-0 Loss 26/03/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Keon Jumpoff Jumpoff 2012 6-0 Win 26/03/12 Battle
Pamflit & Reskabar vs TC & Unanymous Don't Flop Midsummer Murders 2 Loss Crowd Judging 18/03/12 Battle
Pamflit vs ZT Don't Flop To the Test 10 5-0 Win 13/03/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Baron Mynd Barmageddon Rap Battles 3-0 Win 10/02/12 Battle
Pamflit & Pedro vs Oshea & Bowski Don't Flop Blood in the Water 5 Promo 26/01/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Ro.P.Row Don't Flop Blood in the Water 5 Freestyle 2-1 Loss 24/01/12 Battle
Pamflit vs Charron Don't Flop Street Battle Promo 23/01/12 Battle
Pamflit & Stowaway vs Real Deal & Fresco Don't Flop Blood in the Water 5 5-0 Win 07/01/12 Battle
Pamflit & Pedro vs Evila & Hydef Don't Flop To the Test 9 Promo 06/12/11 Battle
Pamflit vs Frisko Don't Flop To the Test 9 3-2 Win 27/11/11 Battle
Pamflit & Pedro vs Fury & Sirus Don't Flop 3rd Birthday 3-0 Loss 18/11/11 Battle
Pamflit vs Matter Don't Flop Don't Flop Leeds 4-0 Loss 03/10/11 Battle
Pamflit vs Sigourney Phizzle Don't Flop To the Test 7 5-0 Win 13/09/11 Battle
Pamflit & Stowaway vs Unanymous & Soul Don't Flop Midsummer Murders 2 4-1 Loss 09/09/11 Battle
Pamflit & Sensa Cold City Battles 3-0 Loss 02/09/11 Battle
Pamflit vs Token Don't Flop Times Change Rd 1 4-1 Loss 18/07/11 Battle
Pamflit vs Deffinition Don't Flop North vs South vol 2 Loss 01/07/11 Battle
Pamflit vs YTV Don't Flop To the Test 4 2-1 Win 30/05/11 Battle
Pamflit vs L-Deep Punch Out Battles 1st Anniversary 4-1 Loss 01/05/11 Battle
Pamflit vs Silvertongue Don't Flop Don't Flop Scotland 3-0 Loss 24/04/11 Battle
Pamflit vs Joker Starr Got Beef? Live in the Liver 3-0 OT Loss 21/04/11 Battle
Pamflit vs K-Snatch Don't Flop To the Test 4-1 Win 09/03/11 Battle
Pamflit vs Evila The Battle Lab Street Writer 3-0 Win 01/03/11 Battle
Pamflit & Chronicle vs Oshea & Innuendo Don't Flop To the Test 2 2on2 Comp Final 3-0 Win 21/02/11 Battle
Pamflit & Chronicle vs Nate & J1 Don't Flop To the Test 2 2on2 Comp S/F Win 17/02/11 Battle
Pamflit & Chronicle vs Phorecite & Ridz Don't Flop To the Test 2 2on2 Comp Rd 1 3-0 Win 02/02/11 Battle
Pamflit & Stowaway vs Oshea & Evileyz Got Beef? Live in the Liver 3-0 Win 21/01/11 Battle
Pamflit vs Hazod Don't Flop Blood in the Water 3 5-0 Win 11/01/11 Battle
Pamflit vs Tino King of the Dot Com Internet Domination Win 31/10/10 Battle
Pamflit vs Ahab Punch Out Battles 3-2 Win 10/10/10 Battle
Pamflit vs Lunee Ben Grind Time Tiny Chat 3-0 Loss 07/10/10 Battle


League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Badmouth Battles 1 0/1/0
Barmageddon Rap Battles 5 3/1/1
Basementality Battles 2 0/1/1
Cold City Battles 1 0/1/0
Da' Fighting Irish 1 0/1/0
Don't Flop 36 13/10/13
Epic Bars 1 0/0/1
Get Slated Rap Battles 4 2/0/2
Got Beef? 2 1/1/0
Grind Time 1 0/1/0
Jumpoff 3 1/2/0
King of the Dot Com 1 1/0/0
No Beef Rap Battles 1 1/0/0
Punch Out Battles 2 1/1/0
Rap Battle Championship 1 0/1/0
Rapped in Wire 2 0/1/1
REDJSD 1 0/0/1
Spitroast Battles 1 0/0/1
The Battle Lab 1 1/0/0

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