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Nero is a UK Battler who made his only Don't Flop appearance against Jai-90 in 2012

About[edit | edit source]

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Battles[edit | edit source]

Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Nero vs Teknico Stand Tall Stand Tall Clash #7 2-1 Loss 02/12/13 Battle
Nero vs Frisko Unknown Bowki's Birthday Bash 2-1 Win 19/08/13 Battle
Nero vs Bravo Stand Tall Stand Tall Clash #1 3-0 Win 05/03/13 Battle
Nero vs Jack Sexton Get Slated Rap Battles Get Slated 5 3-0 Loss 17/02/13 Battle
Nero vs Wilson Rapped in Wire 2-1 Loss 31/01/13 Battle
Nero vs Cosmic Rapped in Wire Behind the Bars 5 3-0 Win 03/01/13 Battle
Nero vs Type R Rapped in Wire Behind the Bars 4 3-0 Win 03/12/12 Battle
Nero vs Dave 3 Ways Rapped in Wire Behind the Bars 4 3-0 Loss 23/11/12 Battle
Nero & Jeffers vs Innuendo & Seano Mac Rapped in Wire Double Impact 3-0 Loss 20/10/12 Battle
Nero vs Broxide Rapped in Wire Behind the Bars 2 3-0 Win 28/08/12 Battle
Nero vs Jeffers Unknown Promo 26/05/12 Battle
Nero vs Jai-90 Don't Flop Second Quarter Tryouts 3-0 Loss 26/05/12 Battle
Nero vs Innuendo Spitroast Battles Grime Daily North Promo 17/05/12 Battle
Nero vs Andrew Tait Unknown Promo 15/05/12 Battle
Nero vs Dean Marroni Unknown Promo 25/03/12 Battle

Records[edit | edit source]

League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Don't Flop 1 0/1/0
Get Slated Rap Battles 1 0/1/0
Rapped in Wire 6 3/3/0
Spitroast Battles 1 0/0/1
Stand Tall 2 1/1/0
Unknown 4 1/0/3

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