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Mark Grist is a former teacher turned battler who has the most viewed English speaking battle of the major leagues.


Mark Grist is one of the most viewed battlers in Don't Flop having gone viral twice. His poetic delivery makes him very popular amongst fans and non-fans of battle rap alike.

Mark Grist's debut was against Mos Prob at the first April Fools event, where he donned a suit and tie and gave an original and entertaining performance to take a home a victory against a less than confident and underprepared Mos Prob.

Mark's next battle pitted him against the 17 year old grime MC Blizzard from Manchester. This battle labelled as a 'student vs teacher' clash was one of the most entertaining of the 5th Blood in the Water event and quickly went viral and currently sits on 4 million views. Mark Grist's flawless performance and surprising demolition of an opponent who appeared to be much more comfortable in the hip hop scene made him an unlikely star in Don't Flop.

Mark's next battle was a controversial one, where despite giving an awe inspiring performance, Grist was defeated by Zain Azrai on a split decision. On numerous occasions Grist has partnered with fellow Dead Poets member Mixy in some 2 on 2 clashes, the most recent of which being against Scizzahz and Wizard.

Grist had some stumbles against Soul and a very able Deffinition at the 4th Birthday Weekend, but hit back with an annihalation of Aukes which many judges called his best performance since the epic with Blizzard.

Girst's recent spate of form granted him a battle with the Canadian Knamelis. Grist's performance was overshadowed by the KOTD battler's 3rd round in which he addressed Eurgh directly over the controversies of the 5th Birthday Weekend. Knamelis, due to his legendary 2.0 judging system, was also a judge for the battle where he, along with the other 4 judges gave Grist the win.


Mark Grist's battle with Zain Azrai is the most disliked on the Don't Flop channel (in complete contrast to his Blizzard battle) largely due to the general consensus being that Mark was completely robbed by the 3-2 split decision.

Against Knamelis at Set the Standard X, Knaemlis' 3rd round consisted of a brutal lyrical attack on Eurgh for his alledged misdealings with King of the Dot.


Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Mark Grist vs Knamelis Don't Flop Set The Standard 10 5-0 Win 04/01/14 Battle
Mark Grist vs Scroobius Pip Don't Flop Promo 24/10/13 Battle
Mark Grist vs Spirited Sage Rap Slam Battles Roskilde Festival 2013 Win 08/09/13 Battle
Mark Grist & Mixy vs Wizard & Scizzahz Don't Flop Checkpoint Promo 30/05/13 Battle
Mark Grist vs Aukes Don't Flop Kick Off 5-0 Win 24/1/13 Battle
Mark Grist vs Deffinition Don't Flop 4th Birthday 4-1 Loss 05/01/13 Battle
Mark Grist vs Soul Don't Flop Underbelly Promo 10/10/12 Battle
Mark Grist vs Micky Worthless Don't Flop Latitude Promo 22/07/12 Battle
Mark Grist & Mixy vs Pamflit & Pedro Don't Flop Norwich East Promo 21/04/12 Battle
Mark Grist vs Zain Azrai Don't Flop To The Test Ten 3-2 Loss 24/02/12 Battle
Mark Grist vs Blizzard Don't Flop Blood in the Water 5 5-0 Win 29/12/11 Battle
Mark Grist vs Mos Prob Don't Flop April Fools 3-0 Win 05/05/11 Battle


League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Don't Flop 11 4/2/5
Rap Slam Battles 1 1/0/0

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