Lunar C


Jake William Brook



Date of Birth

21 June 1990



Home League

Don't Flop




Record (W/L/P)



Best Newcomer 2011
Performance of the Year 2011

Lunar C is a rapper from Bradford, West Yorkshire. His real name is Jake William Brook.

About[edit | edit source]

Lunar C is commonly referred to as one of the few 'Don't Flop Legends' among the likes of Shotty Horroh and Tony D. In fact, one would struggle to find a member of the Don't Flop fan base who isn't eager to see a battle between Shotty & Lunar.

Having never lost a battle, Lunar C Proved that he still has what it takes with an amazing performance against Oshea as he returned from a three year absence from battle rap in 2015.

Battles[edit | edit source]

Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Lunar C vs Oshea Don't Flop Checkpoint 2 Promo 06/06/15 Battle
Lunar C & Matter vs Eddie P & Frisko Don't Flop To The Test 7 4-0 Win 02/04/12 Battle
Lunar C & Matter vs Philly Swain & ZM Don't Flop To The Test Ten 5-0 Win 17/03/12 Battle
Lunar C vs Uno Lavoz Don't Flop Blood In The Water 5 4-1 Win 24/12/11 Battle
Lunar C vs Micky Worthless Don't Flop Third Quarter 5-0 Win 10/10/11 Battle
Lunar C vs DPF Don't Flop Times Change 4-1 Win 03/08/11 Battle
Lunar C vs Bloodstro Don't Flop To The Test Five 3-0 Win 10/06/11 Battle

Records[edit | edit source]

League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Don't Flop 7 6/0/1

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