Portland, Oregon


Current Titles

King of the Dot Champion

Former Titles

Scribble Jam Champion, WRC Champion x 2

Illmaculate is a veteran battler with battles and titles won in leagues all over the world.


Illmaculate is a former Scribble Jam champion, two-time winner of the World Rap Championships (partnered with The Saurus), and active battler who has appeared on Grind Time, Don't Flop, and King of the Dot. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, he's made a name for himself in both the freestyle and written formats.  He is in a music crew called Sandpeople.

Illmaculate gained early notority in Scribble Jam 2004. After running through the preliminary rounds, a 17-year-old Illmaculate ended up beating 2002 winner Mac Lethal in the final round to win the tournament. In 2006, Illmaculate partnered up with The Saurus. The West Coast representatives steamrolled through the New York division before facing off with the winners of the British division.  The teams split the first two rounds before the Americans took round three to win the title. The 2007 WRC finals were marked by controversy, but the winners of the West Coast division came away with their second straight championship.

In his return to battling, Illmaculate went up against Los Angeles rapper Dizaster for his second battle in the written format.  The battle is highly debated, with some fans preferring Illmaculate's polished rounds while others argue that Dizaster's energy and freestyles put him over the top.

Coming off a subpar outing at Grizzlemania, Illmaculate bounced back at the legendary Battle of the Bay 5 event with an epic battle against The Saurus.  He and his former WRC partner put on what many have called the best battle of all time.

Illmaculate's King of the Dot debut came against Bender, widely considered a landslide victory.

Four years after his classic battle with The Saurus, Illmaculate's most recent battle with Bigg K went down at the long awaited return of the Battle of the Bay series.  Upon its release, it was dubbed the best battle of 2013 by many, including The Source magazine.

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