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Dialect is a battle rapper hailing from Leeds. He is known outside of battle rap for his grime music, and for an appearance on tv show Deal or No Deal, on which he won £16,000. He is well known for being one of the top Leeds rappers, featured in SBTV also known as SB.TV Global Ltd.


Dialect's debut against Double L is the 2nd highest viewed tryout (behind Lunar C vs Bloodstro) and is critically acclaimed by some as the best tryout on Don't Flop. Dialect also boasts some very impressive promo battles against international opponents Daylyt and Cortez


Ricky C and CrisisMusic - Dialect and partner Zen battled this duo in the first round of the 2013 2on2 Competition. RickyC and Crisis Music were woefully underprepared and the resulting battle was one of the most one sided ever seen in Don't Flop history. For the entire second round, CrisisMusic stood dumbly on stage and did not spit a single bar. As a result, Dialect and Zen sailed into the next round on a unanimous decision.

Daylyt - At Verdict Dialect battled the American Daylyt. During his third round, Daylyt removed all his clothes and stood on stage in his thong. To his credit, Dialect remained professional throughout, and the stunt has been widely condemned.


Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Dialect vs Bilzar Don't Flop May 14, 2016
Dialect vs Bamalam Don't Flop Mar 28, 2015
Dialect vs Cortez Don't Flop Dec 7, 2013
Dialect vs LNC Nov 21, 2013
Dialect vs Daylyt Don't Flop
Dialect vs Sensa Don't Flop
Dialect & Zen vs Bowski & Big Sarters Don't Flop
Dialect & Zen vs Ricky C & CrisisMusic Don't Flop
Dialect & Flex Digits vs Big J & Seta Don't Flop
Dialect vs Impact Don't Flop
Dialect vs Double L Don't Flop


League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Don't Flop 8 4/2/2
Words are Weapons 1 0/0/0

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