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Dekay is a UK battler and one of the foremost UK female MCs in Don't Flop, who made her debut against Menace in 2010.


Dekay made her debut appearance against Menace in 2010, where she was beaten in a unanimous decision. Despite this, she carried on battling and got her first win against well-known Don't Flop MC Micky Worthless. Following this, she battled several more established names, including Uno Lavoz, Villun, Deffinition and Arkaic.


One of the most controversial appearances for Dekay was her battle with Enigma during May 2012, where Enigma claimed "You're so ugly I'd rather stick my d**k in my own daughter's mouth". The resulting quote and crowd reaction was given its own video and, as of January 2014, had claimed 26,000+ hits collectively. Dekay was given the judges decision.


Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Dekay vs Dotz vs Eurgh vs Zen Don't Flop April Fools 2014 Promo 30/06/14 Battle
Dekay vs Vocab Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Cardiff Promo 04/04/14 Battle
Dekay vs Dotz Don't Flop Raise the Bar Promo 05/03/14 Battle
Dekay vs Suus No Beef Rap Battles 2-1 Loss 13/06/13 Battle
Dekay vs Deffinition Don't Flop April Fools 2013 5-0 Loss 27/04/13 Battle
Dekay vs Innuendo Get Slated Rap Battles Get Slated 5 3-0 Loss 13/02/13 Battle
Dekay vs Dotz Don't Flop Kick Off Promo 19/02/13 Battle
Dekay vs Villun Don't Flop Don't Flop Southampton 5-0 Loss 12/01/13 Battle
Dekay vs Uno Lavoz Don't Flop 4th Birthday 5-0 Loss 01/12/12 Battle
Dekay vs Mos Prob Don't Flop Boom Bap Festival Promo 22/10/12 Battle
Dekay vs Jake The Ripper Epic Bars City Battles 3-2 Loss 22/08/12 Battle
Dekay vs Enigma Don't Flop The Hunger For More 2 3-0 Win 13/08/12 Battle
Dekay & Pamflit vs Midi Intellect & Cystic Don't Flop Street Battle Promo 07/08/12 Battle
Dekay vs Arkaic Don't Flop Blam! 3-0 Loss 25/06/11 Battle
Dekay vs Two-Can Don't Flop April Fools 2012 3-0 Win 01/06/12 Battle
Dekay vs Micky Worthless Don't Flop The Hunger For More 2-1 Win 02/05/12 Battle
Dekay vs Dania vs Gizmo vs Pedro Jumpoff Jumpoff 2012 Loss 06/04/12 Battle
Dekay vs Innuendo Jumpoff Jumpoff 2012 Loss 26/03/12 Battle
Dekay vs Bowski Don't Flop Blood in the Water 5 2-1 Loss 24/01/12 Battle
Dekay vs Menace Don't Flop Bood in the Water 2 5-0 Loss 19/06/10 Battle
Dekay vs Saint Jumpoff Jumpoff 2009 Loss 05/07/09 Battle


League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Don't Flop 15 3/6/6
Epic Bars 1 0/1/0
Get Slated Rap Battles 1 0/1/0
Jumpoff 3 0/3/0
No Beef Rap Battles 1 0/1/0

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