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14/9/7 (1 Draw 3 Unknown)

Deffinition is a Don't Flop battler who has been active since 2009.


Deffinition is a Newcastle based DF veteran known for his innovation in battles. He was the first DF rapper to battle a female opponent, Holly Holsta back in 2010, he battled himself in an infamous 'Mirror Match' and dressed as Batman/Bruce Wayne to battle Pamflit as the Joker. He was involved in the first Compliments Battle against Tricky P at World Domination 2.  Deffinition is a firm favourite in Canada and has performed at all 4 of the KOTD World Domination events. Deffinition is known for his humour and jokes in battles; whilst also parodying the more serious battlers with gun bars and false aggression. His quick wit allows him to produce amusing and relevant flips. Off the stage Deffinition is something of an internet troll with his constant spamming and 'twitter beefing' with his future opponents.

Deffinition quickly established himself at the top of the Don't Flop roster in 2009 with a series of entertaining performances most notably his notorious battle with Holly Holsta. His performances earned him an invite to World Domination 1 where he wrestled a close cut win from local favourite Tricky P. Deffinition continued his success in Don't Flop and battled himself at the 2011 April Fools event. A novel concept at the time but has since been imitated by Innuendo. Another year of performances against top class opponents such as Caustic and Real Deal, meant Deffiinition returned to Canada for World Domination 2, where a win against D-Lor meant he was one of only three battlers to win at both World Dominations (the other two being Dizaster and Aftershock). Deffinition then gave another novelty performance at April Fools 2012 dressed as Batman in a comedy comicbook clash against fellow battler Pamflit, dressed as the Joker. Deffinition was once again invited to World Domination 3, where despite an impressive performance lost on a split decision to Dirtbag Dan, the announcing of the controversial result was met with raucous booing from the home crowd. Deffiniton's attendance of this event sowed the seeds of what was to become a beef battle with PH at World Domination 4. Deffinition left 2012 undefeated in Don't Flop with a pair of wins at the 4th Birthday Weekend. This meant Deffinition's next battle would be for the title against Tony D. A 5-2 decision prevented Deffinition from becoming champion. However, not disheartened, Deffinition continued to battle on Don't Flop, performing in his hometown of Newcastle, and at the third annual April Fools event where he brutally saw off another female battler, Dekay.

Deffinition fully retired from battling in 2014, citing this to professional reasons.


Despite his joking and playful attitude to battling, Deffinition is not without controversy.

Flex Digits - After a drunken incident in the pub Flex Digits legendarily punched Deffinition in the face. An act which would be a source of ridicule for Deffinition in future battles.

Dirtbag Dan - At World Domination 3, the controversial victory of Dirtbag Dan was loudly booed by a large portion of the audience.

PH - At the same event Deffinition drunkly interrupted Henry Bower's judging and scuffled with PH at a hotel. This lead the two to face off on the World Domination 4 stage.

Deffinition regularly trolls and tweets his opponents on the internet before a battle much to their annoyance.



Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link Comments
Deffinition vs Innuendo Don't Flop April Fools 2014 Promo 16/07/14 Battle Chat up Line Battle
Deffinition & Suus vs Jack Sexton & Triple B Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Newcastle Promo 28/04/14 Battle
Deffinition vs Redzer Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Ireland Promo 12/04/14 Battle
Deffinition & Suus vs Chappaz & Big Jack Get Slated Derby Day Promo 13/02/14 Battle
Deffinition vs PH KOTD World Domination 4 Promo 14/11/13 Battle
Deffinition vs Big Jack Jump Off Jump Off 2013 Win 18/07/13 Battle
Deffinition & Tricky P vs Anygma & Protege KOTD World Domination 3 Promo 01/05/13 Battle
Deffinition vs Dekay Don't Flop April Fools 2013 Win 27/04/13 Battle
Deffinition vs Innuendo Rap Battle Championships Rap Battle Champ Win 23/04/13 Battle Title Match
Deffinition & Suus vs Carloss & Villun Don't Flop Don't Flop Newcastle Loss 18/03/13 Battle
Deffinition vs Tony D Don't Flop Distinction Loss 16/02/13 Battle Title Match
Deffinition & Soul vs Chris Leese & Zen Don't Flop 4th Birthday Win 11/01/13 Battle
Deffinition vs Mark Grist Don't Flop 4th Birthday Win 05/01/13 Battle
Deffinition vs Pedro Don't Flop Boom Bap Promo 17/10/12 Battle
Deffinition vs Dirtbag Dan KOTD World Domination 3 Loss 14/09/12 Battle
Deffinition vs Pamflit Don't Flop  Promo 20/07/12 Battle Batman vs The Joker
Deffinition & Jefferson Price vs Cruger & Micky Worthless Don't Flop BarBorough Loss 14/07/12 Battle
Deffinition vs Jefferson Price Don't Flop To the Test Ten Win 03/04/12 Battle
Deffinition vs D-Lor KOTD World Domination 2 Win 24/10/11 Battle
Deffinition vs The Saurus KOTD World Domination 2 Loss 10/10/11 Battle
Deffinition vs Tricky P KOTD World Domination 2 Promo 29/08/11 Battle First Compliment Battle
Deffinition vs Pamflit Don't Flop North Vs South vol 2 Win 01/07/11 Battle
Deffinition vs Deffinition Don't Flop April Fools 2011 Promo 21/05/11 Battle First Mirror Match
Deffinition vs Caustic Don't Flop Blood in the Water 4 Win 02/04/11 Battle
Deffinition vs Real Deal Don't Flop Blood in the Water 3 Loss 23/12/10 Battle
Deffinition vs Tricky P KOTD World Domination Win 14/10/10 Battle
Deffinition & Sensa vs Lego & Tenchoo Don't Flop Don't Flop Doubles Loss 30/08/10 Battle Quarter Final
Deffinition & Sensa vs Evileyz & Amos Don't Flop Don't Flop Doubles Win 08/07/10 Battle 1st Round
Deffinition vs Oshea Don't Flop Don't Flop North Loss 15/04/10 Battle
Deffinition vs Holly Holsta Don't Flop Don't Flop Brighton Win 28/01/10 Battle First battle against a female rapper
Deffinition & Sensa vs  Madness & Dirtbag Dan Don't Flop Don't Flop London Draw 21/01/10 Battle First international 2 on 2 in the country
Deffinition vs Rayzel Don't Flop Don't Flop North Win 05/11/09 Battle
Deffinition vs Joe Davies Don't Flop Don't Flop North Win 27/08/09 Battle First battle for money (£40)
Deffinition vs Pseudonym Don't Flop Don't Flop North Loss 29/07/09 Battle


League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Don't Flop 24

10/7/5 | 1 Draw | 1 Unknown

Get Slated 1


Jump Off 1 1/0/0
King of the Dot 7


Rap Battle Championship 1 1/0/0