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Salford, England

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Don't Flop




Record (W/L/P)

8/5/0 (1 Unknown)

Briggzy is a Don't Flop battler from Salford, England.


Briggzy has had a number of battles in England and Australia for Don't Flop and Got Beef? respectively. He is also a member of rap group Mosh Team with a number of fellow rappers and battlers, including Unanymous and Shotty Horroh. Briggzy's only other battle outside of the aforementioned leagues was a 2v2 on The Battle Lab, where he partnered up with Innuendo and battled popular Canadian battlers Osa and Loe Pesci, however the majority of the battle's footage was damaged and unrecoverable.



Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Briggzy vs Mixy Don't Flop Distinction 4-1 Loss 16/04/13 Battle

Briggzy vs Edukate

Got Beef? Spit City 4-0 Win 29/01/13 Battle
Briggzy vs Cryptic Got Beef? Class is in Session 2-1 Win 21/02/13 Battle
Briggzy vs The Kid Got Beef? Spit City 3-0 Loss 08/02/13 Battle
Briggzy vs Micky Worthless Don't Flop Blam! 4 3-0 Win 15/11/12 Battle
Briggzy vs Nash Don't Flop Blam! 3 3-0 Win 10/08/12 Battle
Briggzy vs Eek Don't Flop Blam! 2 2-1 Loss 13/06/12 Battle
Briggzy vs Soul Don't Flop To the Test 10 4-1 Win 29/02/12 Battle
Briggzy vs Pseudonym Don't Flop To the Test 9 2-1 Win 26/11/11 Battle
Briggzy vs Hazod Don't Flop 3rd Birthday 3-0 Win 09/11/11 Battle
Briggzy vs Unanymous Don't Flop North vs South Vol. 2 3-0 Loss 15/07/11 Battle
Briggzy & Innuendo vs Loe Pesci & Briggzy Lab Battles Street Writer Unknown 01/07/11 Battle
Briggzy vs Disciple Don't Flop To the Test 5 3-0 Loss 24/06/11 Battle
Briggzy vs Elz

Don't Flop

To the Test 3-0 Win 13/02/11 Battle


League Battles Records (W/L/P)
Don't Flop 10 6/4/0
Got Beef? 3 2/1/0
The Battle Lab 1 0/0/0 (1 Unknown)