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Matthew Sharpe



Date of Birth

16 June



Home League

Don't Flop




Record (W/L/P)


Current Titles

1Xtra Reading & Leeds Champion 2013

Bowski is a Don't Flop battler whose tryout was in April 2011.


Bowski is a versatile battler who has appeared in a number of different leagues and formats. Seen primarily as a comical battler, Bowski has recently cemented himself as a consistent top performer coming with a good mix of well structured bars, delivery and humour. 

His notable appearances include a freestyle battle against Charron and winning  the 1Xtra Rap Battles Tournament against Grizzles, earning himself a Fire in the Booth in the process. Bowski proves his versatility further through his various doubles matches, getting to the semi-finals of the 2013 Don't Flop Doubles Tournment with Big Sarters. He has also appeared in a concept battle, a 3 way battle with Suus and Evileyz.

Outside of battling, Bowski has shown his love for battle rap through organizing and hosting his own birthday event.



Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Bowski vs Decoy Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Leeds 3-0 Win 22/06/14 Battle
Bowski & Big Sarters vs Ackers & EMC Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Manchester Promo 07/05/14 Battle
Bowski & Big Sarters vs Pedro & Micky Worthless King of the Ronalds Welcome to Hell WIn 02/05/14 Battle
Bowski vs Bony Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Ireland Promo 02/04/14 Battle
Bowski vs Mr 13 Don't Flop Set the Standard 10 3-2 Loss 15/01/14 Battle
Bowski vs Impact Don't Flop Outlook Festival 2013 Promo 28/09/13 Battle
Bowski vs Grizzles 1Xtra Rap Battles 3-0 Win 29/08/13 Battle
Bowski vs Nova 1Xtra Rap Battles Leeds Festival 13 Win 28/08/13 Battle
Bowski vs Innuendo 1Xtra Rap Battles Leeds Festival 13 Win 28/08/13 Battle
Bowski & Big Sarters vs Ceezlin & Gizmo Don't Flop Boozetown Beach Bash 2 Promo 14/09/13 Battle
Bowski vs The Calcium Kid Bowski's Birthday Bash 3-0 Win 31/07/13 Battle
Bowski vs Teknico Stand Tall Stand Tall 4 2-1 Win 18/07/13 Battle
Bowski & Big Sarters vs Bamalam & Cystic (2v2 Tournament Semi Final) Don't Flop Checkpoint 6-1 Loss 13/05/13 Battle
Bowski vs Evila Rap Battle Championship 3-0 Win 14/04/13 Battle
Bowski & Big Sarters vs Dialect & Zen (2v2 Tournament Quarter Final) Don't Flop Set the Standard 6 6-1 Win 06/04/13 Battle
Bowski & Big Sarters vs Crisis & Mic-T (2v2 Tournament Rd 1) Don't Flop Distinction 3-2 Win 01/03/13 Battle
Bowski & The Calcium Kid vs Micky Worthless & Uno Lavoz Don't Flop 4th Birthday 5-0 Win 09/01/13 Battle
Bowski & Oshea vs Sprungy & Tenchoo Barmageddon Christmas Bash Promo 02/01/13 Battle
Bowski vs Dirty Wallz Don't Flop Barmingham 3-0 Win 17/12/12 Battle
Bowski & Hydef vs Oshea & Sprungy (Freestyle) Rapped in Wire Behind the Bar 2 Promo 26/10/12 Battle
Bowski vs Aukes Don't Flop Boom Bap Festival 2012 Promo 19/10/12 Battle
Bowski vs Big J Don't Flop Outlook Festival 2012 Promo 01/10/12 Battle
Bowski vs Junior L'Appellle Don't Flop Rapping it Park 3-0 Win 16/08/12 Battle
Bowski vs Hefty (Freestyle Tournament Semi Final) Rapped in Wire Win 20/07/12 Battle
Bowski vs Evileyz vs Suus Don't Flop April fools 2012 3-0 Loss 18/05/12 Battle
Bowski vs Pamflit Don't Flop Norwich 3-0 Loss 04/05/12 Battle
Bowski vs Eek Don't Flop Blam! 3-0 Win 24/04/12 Battle
Bowski vs Siyo Don't Flop To the Test 10 5-0 Loss 30/03/12 Battle
Bowski vs Innuendo Barmageddon 3-0 Loss 10/02/12 Battle
Bowski vs Charron Don't Flop Blood in the Water 5 3-0 Loss 31/01/12 Battle
Bowski & Oshea vs Pamflit & Pedro Don't Flop Blood in the Water 5 Promo 26/01/12 Battle
Bowski vs Dekay Don't Flop Blood in the Water 5 2-1 Win 24/01/12 Battle
Bowski vs Bloodstro Don't Flop 3rd Birthday 3-0 Win 12/12/11 Battle
Bowski vs Ben Karlow Don't Flop To The Test 8 3-2 Loss 02/11/11 Battle
Bowski vs Mos Prob Don't Flop Midsummer Murders 2 5-0 Loss 23/09/11 Battle
Bowski vs Jefferson Price (Times Change Rd 1) Don't Flop To The Test 6 5-0 Loss 22/07/11 Battle
Bowski vs Im Don't Flop North vs South 4-1 Win 07/07/11 Battle
Bowski vs Oshea Don't Flop To the Test 5 3-0 Win 13/06/11 Battle
Bowski vs Phorecite Don't Flop To the Test 4 2-1 Win 06/06/11 Battle
Bowski vs Frisko Don't Flop To the Test 5-0 Loss 11/04/11 Battle


League Battles Record W/L/P
Barmagedon Rap Battles 2 0/1/1
Don't Flop 29 12/10/7
Rap Battle Championship 1 1/0/0
Rapped in Wire 2 1/0/1
Stand Tall 1 1/0/0
Uncategorised 1 1/0/0

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