Matthew Sharpe



Date of Birth

16 June



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Don't Flop




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Current Titles

1Xtra Reading & Leeds Champion 2013

Bowski is a Don't Flop battler whose tryout was in April 2011.

About[edit | edit source]

Bowski is a versatile battler who has appeared in a number of different leagues and formats. Seen primarily as a comical battler, Bowski has recently cemented himself as a consistent top performer coming with a good mix of well structured bars, delivery and humour. 

His notable appearances include a freestyle battle against Charron and winning  the 1Xtra Rap Battles Tournament against Grizzles, earning himself a Fire in the Booth in the process. Bowski proves his versatility further through his various doubles matches, getting to the semi-finals of the 2013 Don't Flop Doubles Tournment with Big Sarters. He has also appeared in a concept battle, a 3 way battle with Suus and Evileyz.

Outside of battling, Bowski has shown his love for battle rap through organizing and hosting his own birthday event.

Battles[edit | edit source]


Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Bowski vs Decoy Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Leeds 3-0 Win 22/06/14 Battle
Bowski & Big Sarters vs Ackers & EMC Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Manchester Promo 07/05/14 Battle
Bowski & Big Sarters vs Pedro & Micky Worthless King of the Ronalds Welcome to Hell WIn 02/05/14 Battle
Bowski vs Bony Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Ireland Promo 02/04/14 Battle
Bowski vs Mr 13 Don't Flop Set the Standard 10 3-2 Loss 15/01/14 Battle
Bowski vs Impact Don't Flop Outlook Festival 2013 Promo 28/09/13 Battle
Bowski vs Grizzles 1Xtra Rap Battles 3-0 Win 29/08/13 Battle
Bowski vs Nova 1Xtra Rap Battles Leeds Festival 13 Win 28/08/13 Battle
Bowski vs Innuendo 1Xtra Rap Battles Leeds Festival 13 Win 28/08/13 Battle
Bowski & Big Sarters vs Ceezlin & Gizmo Don't Flop Boozetown Beach Bash 2 Promo 14/09/13 Battle
Bowski vs The Calcium Kid Bowski's Birthday Bash 3-0 Win 31/07/13 Battle
Bowski vs Teknico Stand Tall Stand Tall 4 2-1 Win 18/07/13 Battle
Bowski & Big Sarters vs Bamalam & Cystic (2v2 Tournament Semi Final) Don't Flop Checkpoint 6-1 Loss 13/05/13 Battle
Bowski vs Evila Rap Battle Championship 3-0 Win 14/04/13 Battle
Bowski & Big Sarters vs Dialect & Zen (2v2 Tournament Quarter Final) Don't Flop Set the Standard 6 6-1 Win 06/04/13 Battle
Bowski & Big Sarters vs Crisis & Mic-T (2v2 Tournament Rd 1) Don't Flop Distinction 3-2 Win 01/03/13 Battle
Bowski & The Calcium Kid vs Micky Worthless & Uno Lavoz Don't Flop 4th Birthday 5-0 Win 09/01/13 Battle
Bowski & Oshea vs Sprungy & Tenchoo Barmageddon Christmas Bash Promo 02/01/13 Battle
Bowski vs Dirty Wallz Don't Flop Barmingham 3-0 Win 17/12/12 Battle
Bowski & Hydef vs Oshea & Sprungy (Freestyle) Rapped in Wire Behind the Bar 2 Promo 26/10/12 Battle
Bowski vs Aukes Don't Flop Boom Bap Festival 2012 Promo 19/10/12 Battle
Bowski vs Big J Don't Flop Outlook Festival 2012 Promo 01/10/12 Battle
Bowski vs Junior L'Appellle Don't Flop Rapping it Park 3-0 Win 16/08/12 Battle
Bowski vs Hefty (Freestyle Tournament Semi Final) Rapped in Wire Win 20/07/12 Battle
Bowski vs Evileyz vs Suus Don't Flop April fools 2012 3-0 Loss 18/05/12 Battle
Bowski vs Pamflit Don't Flop Norwich 3-0 Loss 04/05/12 Battle
Bowski vs Eek Don't Flop Blam! 3-0 Win 24/04/12 Battle
Bowski vs Siyo Don't Flop To the Test 10 5-0 Loss 30/03/12 Battle
Bowski vs Innuendo Barmageddon 3-0 Loss 10/02/12 Battle
Bowski vs Charron Don't Flop Blood in the Water 5 3-0 Loss 31/01/12 Battle
Bowski & Oshea vs Pamflit & Pedro Don't Flop Blood in the Water 5 Promo 26/01/12 Battle
Bowski vs Dekay Don't Flop Blood in the Water 5 2-1 Win 24/01/12 Battle
Bowski vs Bloodstro Don't Flop 3rd Birthday 3-0 Win 12/12/11 Battle
Bowski vs Ben Karlow Don't Flop To The Test 8 3-2 Loss 02/11/11 Battle
Bowski vs Mos Prob Don't Flop Midsummer Murders 2 5-0 Loss 23/09/11 Battle
Bowski vs Jefferson Price (Times Change Rd 1) Don't Flop To The Test 6 5-0 Loss 22/07/11 Battle
Bowski vs Im Don't Flop North vs South 4-1 Win 07/07/11 Battle
Bowski vs Oshea Don't Flop To the Test 5 3-0 Win 13/06/11 Battle
Bowski vs Phorecite Don't Flop To the Test 4 2-1 Win 06/06/11 Battle
Bowski vs Frisko Don't Flop To the Test 5-0 Loss 11/04/11 Battle

Records[edit | edit source]

League Battles Record W/L/P
Barmagedon Rap Battles 2 0/1/1
Don't Flop 29 12/10/7
Rap Battle Championship 1 1/0/0
Rapped in Wire 2 1/0/1
Stand Tall 1 1/0/0
Uncategorised 1 1/0/0

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