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Bleek is a Don't Flop battler whose first appearances was in May 2012.

About[edit | edit source]

Bleek is a battler who has only appeared on Don't Flop. He has consistently appeared against well known battlers such as Innuendo, Mr Tongue Twister and Zen. One of the reasons for this may be a series of obvious angles usable against Bleek, primarily having burnt his ex's house down and general derogotory attitudes towards women.

Battles[edit | edit source]

Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Bleek vs Locksmyth Don't Flop Raise the Bar 4-1 Loss 01/03/14 Battle
Bleek vs Innuendo Don't Flop Set the Standard 9 5-0 Win 26/10/13 Battle
Bleek vs Mr Tongue Twister Don't Flop Summer Standard 3-2 Win 28/08/13 Battle
Bleek vs Impact Don't Flop Southampton 3-0 Win 22/01/13 Battle
Bleek vs Zen Don't Flop East Vol. 2 3-0 Loss 11/01/13 Battle
Bleek vs Double L Don't Flop Blam!'oween 3-0 Win 28/10/12 Battle
Bleek vs Natrill Don't Flop Boom Bap Festival 2012 Promo 23/10/12 Battle
Bleek vs Mad Hatter Don't Flop

Midsummer Murders 3

2-1 Loss 18/08/12 Battle
Bleek vs Pamflit (Football Bars) Don't Flop Promo 06/08/12 Battle
Bleek vs Madcap Don't Flop Bristol 3-0 Win 27/06/12 Battle
Bleek vs Sickle Cell Don't Flop 3-0 Win 03/05/12 Battle

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