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Top 8 Final Winner 2012

Bamalam is a Don't Flop battler and staff member who tried out in early 2012.


Bamalam is a Don't Flop battler and staff member who is heavily involved in events organising, most notably the Set the Standard series. After his try-out in February of 2012, Bamalam went on a 9 battle unbeaten run, one of the longest winning streaks in Don't Flop history. 

After his popular try-out, Bamalam went on to participate in the Top 8 Tournament, winning in the final against Ogmios. He was rewarded with an international battle of his choice, he chose and beat 100 Bulletz. In the 2013 Doubles Tournament, Bamalam and his partner Cystic got to the final, only to lose out to Cracker and Cee Major. Other battles have seen Bamalam contest against big names such as Bender and Soul.


Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Bamalam vs 4bz & Temujin Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Southampton Promo 22/06/14 Battle
Bamalam vs Mr Re Don't Flop Raise the Bar 5-0 Win 24/02/14 Battle
Bamalam vs Bender Don't Flop 5th Birthday Promo 11/12/13 Battle
Bamalam & Cystic vs Cee Major & Cracker (Tournament Final) Don't Flop Verdict 7-0 Loss 22/06/13 Battle
Bamalam & Cystic vs Bowski & Big Sarters (Tournament Semi Final) Don't Flop Checkpoint 6-1 Win 14/05/13 Battle
Bamalam & Cystic vs Chris Leese & Unanymous (Tournament Quarter Final) Don't Flop Set the Standard 6 4-3 Win 30/03/13 Battle
Bamalam & Cystic vs Big J & Lefty (Tournament First Round) Don't Flop Distinction 4-1 Win 04/03/13 Battle
Bamalam vs 100 Bulletz Don't Flop 4th Birthday 5-0 Win 15/12/12 Battle
Bamalam vs Soul Don't Flop Boom Bap Festival 2012 Promo 14/11/12 Battle
Bamalam & Cystic vs Midi Intellect & Mr Tongue Twister Don't Flop MBC Foundation: The Launch 3-0 Win 12/08/12 Battle
Bamalam vs Ogmios (Top 8 Tournament Final) Don't Flop The Hunger for More 2 5-0 Win 18/07/12 Battle
Bamalam vs Cee Major (Top 8 Tournament Semi Final) Don't Flop Set the Standard 2 5-0 Win 22/06/12 Battle
Bamalam & Cystic vs Samuel Swagz vs Jay RedJSD Battles 6th May Event 3-0 Win 26/05/12 Battle
Bamalam vs Impact (The Hunger for More First Round) Don't Flop The Hunger for More 2-1 Win 12/04/12 Battle
Bamalam vs Phest Don't Flop First Quarter Try Outs 3 3-0 Win 01/02/12 Battle


League Battles Record (W/L/P)
Don't Flop 14 10/1/3
RedJSD 1 1/0/0