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2K is a semi-active battler from Liverpool.

About[edit | edit source]

2K's battling career started primarily in The Art of Freestyle, where he had three battles all bought out in early 2010 before appearing in The Art of Freestyle 2, 3 and 4 - a one-night freestyle knockout tournment, winning the second event before being knocked out in the qualifiers of the fourth. 2K also had two Don't Flop battle around this time, his debut coming aginst Nate, this was however not counted on his record.. 2K was not seen on the battle scene again until he appeared in a Jumpoff title match against reigning champion Dotz as a late replacement for another opponent in 2013. Since then 2K has primarily appeared in on-beat clashes on Words are Weapons in largely promotional battle but also appeared in two of Don't Flop's Liverpool events including their Raise the Bar tour.

Battles[edit | edit source]

Results[edit | edit source]

Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
2K vs Mal Words are Weapons Liverpool Promo 01/09/15 Battle
2K vs Hulk Words are Weapons Liverpool Promo 24/07/15 Battle
2K vs Krazyman Don't Flop Liverpool 3-0 Loss 14/04/15 Battle
2K vs Juke Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Liverpool 3-0 Win 16/05/14 Batte
2K vs Relapse Words are Weapons BB4 3-0 Loss 06/05/14 Battle
2K vs Grim Sickers Words are Weapons Sending Season Promo 03/12/13 Battle
2K vs Dotz Jumpoff Jumpoff 2013 Title Challenge 5-0 Loss 27/03/13 Battle
2K vs Amos The Art of Freestyle TAOF 4 Qualifier 2-0 Loss 06/08/10 Battle
2K vs Seano Mac Don't Flop North 5-0 Win 16/05/10 Battle
2K vs J Taylor The Art of Freestyle TAOF 3 Final 3-0 Win 02/05/10 Battle
2K vs Psykosis The Art of Freestyle TAOF 3 Semi Final 3-0 Win 29/04/10 Battle
2K vs Bomberman The Art of Freestyle TAOF 3 Quarter Final 3-0 Win 26/04/10 Battle
2K vs Chronicle The Art of Freestyle TAOF 2 Quarter Final 3-0 Loss 12/03/10 Battle
2K vs Mr Fleet The Art of Freestyle TAOF 2 Qualifier 3-0 Win 25/02/10 Battle
2K & Dot vs Fame & Sticky The Art of Freestyle Live Battles and Cyphers Loss 07/02/10 Battle
2K vs Oshea The Art of Freestyle Django's Riff 3-0 Loss 03/02/10 Battle
2K vs Nate Don't Flop North 5 5-0 Loss 11/01/10 Battle
2K vs Fame The Art of Freestyle Live Battles and Cyphers 3-0 Win 06/01/10 Battle

Records[edit | edit source]

League Battles Record (W/L/P)
Don't Flop 4 2/2/0
Jumpoff 1 0/1/0
The Art of Freestyle 9 5/4/0
Words are Weapons 4 0/1/3
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